Computer woes.

My main computer won’t power up. It happened two days ago. I opened the case, blew out the dust even though there wasn’t too much then looked around inside like I knew what I was doing. Of course that didn’t help so I went about my business for a few hours and then as I was passing I pushed the on button and heard the familiar sound of the machine booting up.

At the end of the day I turned it off. Those of you who are thinking “What kind of idiot is this guy?” can pat yourselves on the back. It wouldn’t start again yesterday and is still sitting quietly.

An online search confirmed my thought that it is likely the switch or the power supply and said that the way to determine that was to use a piece of wire and perform a ‘soft power-on’. If the power suppy comes on it’s the switch. If not it’s the power supply. I cut wire for the job, gritted my teeth and grounded the green wire as directed. There was a whirring sound but the computer doesn’t boot up. I think that sound was the hard drive. It stops when I remove the jumper.

So, power supply or switch? I’m guessing since the computer did not start that it’s the power supply. Can any of you confirm that? I’m slightly confused because of the whirring sound. I somehow think a power supply will be easier to find than the particular switch.

Do you have suggestions on a good place to get a power supply? Do you know of someone who knows how to fix these things at a reasonable price? I called a widely advertized service who, over the phone, told me they would charge me $300 – $400 and all they were going to do was ship it to the manufacturer. I’d much rather deal with the person who will actually do the work. In any case, if I was going to spend hundreds of dollars I’d be smarter to replace the computer with a newer model.

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