More notes on my computer problem

I was in the Staples store at Eglinton and Brentcliffe and noticed they now have a computer repair department. I explained the problem I had – nothing happens when I try to turn the machine on and that I suspected the switch or the power supply –  and asked what they would do. I was impressed with their response.

For $49.95 they run some diagnostics and then contact you so you can decide how to proceed.  Even better the man I talked to said that if I wanted they would bypass the diagnostics and just install a new power supply. The parts and labour cost for that would be approximately $100.00. So, even if I had them run the diagnostics I still would have only spent $150.00 to solve my problem.

This is a much better option than I was offered by the “experts” with the cute company name.

Disclaimer. I have no connection or arrangement with Staples.

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One Response to More notes on my computer problem

  1. Ian Gray says:

    My faith in your utter integrity remains unshaken. I enjoy and admire your perspicacity. You are setting a fine example for those of us who will, sooner or later, have to follow you into that unsettling reality called “retirement.”

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