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Happy New Year!

Although January first is officially the start of a new year it is September when I feel like a new year is starting. Almost everyone I talk to agrees. It must have to do with our school system. Classes start … Continue reading

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More notes on my computer problem

I was in the Staples store at Eglinton and Brentcliffe and noticed they now have a computer repair department. I explained the problem I had – nothing happens when I try to turn the machine on and that I suspected … Continue reading

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I’m back.

In this earlier post I bemoaned the fact that my main computer just stopped working all of a sudden. It would no longer come to life when I caressed it’s on switch. I’m not afraid of computers but I am … Continue reading

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Computer woes.

My main computer won’t power up. It happened two days ago. I opened the case, blew out the dust even though there wasn’t too much then looked around inside like I knew what I was doing. Of course that didn’t … Continue reading

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What do we know about large numbers?

I recently watched this video that attempted to show what the $100,000,000 cut that US President Obama talked about in his State of the Union speech would look like compared to the entire US budget. Great visual. It got me … Continue reading

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Makes me smile

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. WordPress has initiated a program to encourage those of us with writers block. They are encouraging us to post once a day or once a week and WordPress makes daily suggestions of topics. … Continue reading

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Out of the city. Fall 2009. Cottage country isn’t all peace and quiet and that’s fine. The morning stillness is punctuated with the buzz of a chainsaw in the distance. Mirror flat water reflects the far shore and sky. A … Continue reading

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